Get great books - read - read - read!

The mission of Señorita Rita’s Rockin’ Reading Route Summer Book Bus is to get books into the hands of children throughout the summer months.  Reading is an incredibly important life skill which is a large part of the school year curriculum and when school is not in session, many children don’t have access to good books.   Summer reading helps maintain the learning children have done through the school year and helps to enhance a lifelong love of reading.  Literacy saves lives.

The book bus brings hundreds of books at all reading levels into neighborhoods all around the area making it easy for everyone to have good books in their homes all summer.  The Rockin’ Reading Book Bus makes stops at specific locations on designated days and returns to the same stop at the same time each week.  Children and their families know when to expect the book bus.  They come running out to meet the bus with enthusiastic cries, “The book bus is here! the book bus is here!”  More than once, when a child missed the time that the book bus was in their neighborhood, they pulled mom out to chase it down at a different stop so they could get their books. The overall enthusiasm for the book bus was amazing, children love reading!

Señorita Rita’s Rockin’ Reading Route had a very successful first season, the summer of 2012 for so many reasons.  First, hundreds of books were donated from the local community. Well loved books which were collected by children and their families who want to see other children enjoy them.  Also, many local organizations and clubs donated mini grants to launch the program because they loved the mission. And most important, children came on board to get books!  Lots of children and lots of books! 

During the first summer of the Rockin’ Reading Route more than 200 children checked out more than 700 books!  Local children, children visiting the area for the summer, moms and dads, grandparents and aunts and uncles, all came out to see the book bus and check out books for summer reading.  Plans for summer 2015 are to get more books out to even more children.

The Rockin’ Reading Route summer book bus works in conjunction with the local public library summer reading program by working with the children to set reading goals and read at their level to earn points and reach those goals.  When a child makes their goal they receive a free book as a prize.  The public library also has visiting authors, illustrator studies, content activities, and special events throughout the summer and the book bus crew encourages the children to attend these special reading events.  Many children are unable to get to the public library for various reasons and the Rockin’ Reading Route brings books to them, allowing them to participate in the goal setting and achievement that is part of the library summer reading program.

Watch for the Summer 2015 Rockin’ Reading Route Schedule – Coming this summer!